Our good friends at the City Gospel Mission do some amazing work with making Cincinnati, and the world, a better place. Maybe you’ve seen their Feed Cincy Now billboards around town? Has your church partnered with them to help the homeless? City Gospel Mission works hard to transform the lives of men, women, and youths in our area and we are proud to help them in any way we can.

City Gospel Mission recently held their annual golf outing, which helps fund their programs focusing on recovery, youth, food, shelter, and job training. Over 100 golfers play in teams of four, said City Gospel Mission’s Tim Curtis. The players can win prizes for longest drive, closest to the pin, lowest score, and more while helping the community. 

Each year, City Gospel Mission raises $45,000 with the golf outing that goes directly to their programs. According to FeedCincyNow.org, they annually serve 139,000 hot meals and provide 29,000 nights of safe shelter to the homeless and hurting. With Cincinnati’s homeless population up 150% in the last 15 years, the work of City Gospel Mission is an essential part of the community.

“The best part about working and volunteering is the purpose you feel when you serve others,” said Curtis. “When you get the privilege to show God’s love to those in need.”

If you’re looking for a way to get involved, City Gospel Mission has events throughout the year that you can volunteer or participate in. Their current campaign is Feed Cincy Now, which is helping the hungry and homeless. Just $1.92 can provide a meal for someone in need. The organization hopes to provide 46,300 meals with the Feed Cincy Now campaign this year. 

If you know of an organization that could use a donation of water for their events and programs, let us know! At Alpine Valley, we believe in helping the world, one step at a time. Reach out to us at 513-672-3400 ext 130. 

Ladder - $100

Hammer - $10

Screwdriver - $10

Power Drill Set - $180

Shovel - $25

Wheel Barrow - $100

Imagine having that shopping list and working on a nonprofit budget. Now multiply it, because you have 10 volunteers to put to use. Thanks to ToolBanks around the country organizations and nonprofits are able to fund their projects at three percent of the cost of a tool. That ladder? It’s going to cost $3 and you’re going to be able to make the world a better place. 

Since July 2012, the Cincinnati ToolBank has helped equip volunteers. They are currently one of four ToolBanks in the country, with four major cities opening up locations in the next year.

Executive Director for Cincinnati ToolBank Kat Pepmeyer said that since the opening of the ToolBank they have had 194 tool orders and saved organizations $350,000. If you place a tool order now through December 2013, your organization will get a case of Alpine Valley Spring Water with each tool. You can keep your volunteers hydrated while making a difference.

Pepmeyer said that not only has the organization helped huge projects, such as Go Cincinnati, but also she loves that they can lend a hand to smaller agencies. It’s because of the ToolBank that small groups are able to make a huge impact in their community.

If you want to get involved with a ToolBank:

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Houston, Texas  

Phoenix, Arizona  

Portland, Oregon 

Richmond, Virginia 

Also in the works are projects in Chicago and New Jersey. You can check out the National ToolBank website for more information and on how to bring a ToolBank to your hometown.

If your organization is looking for a water donation, please contact michelle@alpinevalleydelivers.com or (513) 672-3400. Alpine Valley is dedicated to helping our community and would love to talk to you!

If you got a chance to come see us at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show, thanks for stopping by! We’ll be out and about more as the weather gets nicer and nicer! 

This holiday season, shop local right here in Cincinnati! We have a great selection of Keurig machines, k-cups, White Castle Coffee, and so much more! Call 513.672.3400 for more details!


I’ll be honest. I don’t ‘get’ why anyone would hate the taste of water. I don’t. I don’t understand you peeps, lol.

To me it has, and always will, taste like nothing. Maybe a refreshing nothing. Maybe a cold nothing. Maybe a ‘hint’ of earthy or chlorine nothing, but still nothing. (Similarly, I don’t get why people like the taste of a certain ‘type’ of water). That’s just me.

But from what I gather, it’s not an uncommon phenomenon, and with numbers of people swearing up and down the mountain tops that they know they should drink more water but they hate it, clearly this is something we need to address.

The thing is, you need water. You need a lot of it. And if you’re working out, trying to lose weight or just be healthier, you really need it.

“I hate water” just doesn’t cut it. :(

There are a TON of ways to spruce up your water to make it taste yummier, and I’ll share my 10 favorites with ya. But first, there are a lot of water ‘myths’ out there, so before you start reaching for one to excuse your H2O-less existence, let’s break ‘em down.

Fact-y H2O Myth Bustin’

1. The water you get from coffee, booze, soda & caffeinated tea counts too.
Lemme stop you right there. Caffeine is a diuretic: that means it signals your body to release more water than normal. With booze, this can be 3-4 times the amount of water than normal (ever wonder why a little booze makes you NEED to pee?). If you’re drinking from this group of beverages, your body might nullify any hydration benefit, or even create a deficit: leaving you MORE dehydrated than before.

The water content of items like juice, water & smoothies can count: but they come with a higher caloric (and sugar) price. In general, anything that spikes your blood sugar will need a extra water to process in the body: don’t count these items for more than 1/2 their water content and make sure they’re included when you do your calorie/sugar count for the day (Tip for those that keep track - most people don’t count what they DRINK when watching their calories. Your body counts it. You should too.).

Tip: If you can’t stay away, for every coffee, caffeinated tea or (ugh….) soda, flush it down with a tall glass of water afterwards.

2. We don’t all need 6-8 glasses a day. This one MIGHT be true, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need any. As a rule of thumb, men should consume 128 ounces (3.75 Liters) of water daily, and women should consume 88 ounces (2.6 Liters. The taller you are, the more active you are, the sicker you are, the hotter it is: the more you need to drink. On days you’re working out, you’ll want to increase your minimum by about 25% or more for longer workouts. Some medications, including birth control, may increase YOUR particular body’s need for water. Know your stuffs!

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